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Faculty of administrative-organizational activity

The Faculty of Administrative-organizational activity is a structural unit that ensures the training of patriotic, loyal to their profession, highly qualified professional legal personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills for internal affairs bodies.

The faculty ensures the educational processes to be carried out continuously and harmoniously, it carries out its activities in cooperation with the administration, faculty, department and other structural units of the academy.

The purpose of the faculty is to effectively manage the educational and scientific activities of the departments, disciplinary work with cadets, and ensure the quality implementation of the educational program.

Objectives of the faculty:

to train highly qualified specialists with advanced professional training, necessary knowledge and skills for internal affairs bodies in accordance with state educational standards, qualification requirements, curriculum and programs;

to introduce modern innovative pedagogical technologies, effective forms and methods of teaching into the educational process;

to effectively organize scientific and research activities based on advanced achievements of science and education;

to conduct spiritual, enlightened, disciplinary work with cadets;

to effectively organize the activities of faculty.

Faculty includes:

Department of organizational-staff activity;

Department of administrative activity of internal affairs bodies;

Department of psychology service and professional culture.

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