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Faculty of training foreign personnel

Faculty of training foreign personnel organizes the training, retraining and advanced training of the personnel of internal affairs bodies (police) of foreign countries.

The purpose of the faculty is to ensure public safety and further strengthen international cooperation in the fight against crime by introducing a system of training, retraining and advanced training of foreign personnel.

Objectives of the faculty:

to organize the admission of foreign personnel in the prescribed manner, training and graduation events, all-round assistance to scientific and educational units of the academy involved in this process;

to mutually cooperate with the leading educational institutions of the republic in other fields in order to improve the forms and technologies of training foreign personnel;

to coordinate the activities on intercultural communication between foreign personnel and cadets (listeners) of the academy, as well as the quality of cultural and spiritual-enlightened work;

to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of training foreign personnel, to introduce the new forms of intercultural communication and implement study analysis;

to organize housing rental for temporary residence of foreign personnel and cultural-recreational events.



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