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Postgraduate education

The basic doctoral studies, doctoral studies, and independent research institution have been established at the Academy.

Highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel are trained in the following specialties:

“12.00.01 - Theory and history of state and law. History of legal doctrines”;

“12.00.02 - Constitutional law. Administrative law. Finance and Customs Law”;

“12.00.03 - Civil law. Entrepreneurship law. Family law. International private law”;

“12.00.08 - Criminal law. Criminology. Criminal-executive law”;

“12.00.09 - Criminal proceedings. Forensics, operational-search law and forensic expertise”.

“12.00.14 - Crime prevention. Ensuring public safety. Probation activity”.

The term of study in the field of post-graduate education is 3 years. Researchers who have successfully defended their dissertation thesis  will have scientific potential.

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